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Hi. Looking for a locksmith and security solutions service you can trust? You have found the right place and we at Locksmith Marysville, WA thank you for being here. We are excited to share with you our expertise in providing locksmith services and security solutions. We are here to make duplicate keys to replace lost keys and we work fast. Our security solutions include providing and installing top-quality locks on your commercial property or residence. We can manage and upgrade the security for your building or any kind of property. Our security alarm systems are top-notch. We aim to provide you with a reliable service at an economical fee structure. Call us now and get a free estimate. We work 24/7 and are available on weekends and holidays. Below you will find the services we specialize in.

Creating duplicate keys

Misplaced or lost keys can leave you stranded at any time of the night or day. Call us and we are here to create duplicate keys for your office, vehicle or home. Misplaced keys to drawers or cupboards? We specialize in creating all types of duplicate keys for gates, doors, windows, trunks, safes, boxes and furniture. We are available for making duplicate keys 24/7. Our key creations are sturdy and durable. You get to choose how many duplicate keys you want, make just a few or a big bunch.

High-security locks

Do you worry often about intruders? Install high-quality locks on the front door, windows and other exit points on your residential and commercial property and you can close the door on the security worries about intruders. Superior quality locks on safes, drawers, cupboards and other storage spaces protect money, jeweler and important papers from prying eyes and unauthorized persons. We provide and install the best locks from reputed lock manufactures at all types of residential spaces and business properties. Call us today and speak to us about our security solutions. We offer the best options and services at customer friendly prices.

Security alarm systems

One easy way to create a high-security environment at your home or office property is by installing a modern and sensitive security alarm system on your property. The presence of the alarm system by itself works to deter potential intruders. Any attempted break-ins get discovered early as the alarms are triggered. You, we and law enforcement officers are notified and swift action is possible. We at Marysville, WA locksmith provide and install the latest security alarm systems on all kinds of properties. We excel at updating older alarm systems with the latest and most sensitive versions. Our security solutions won't cost you much but the security they bring to you is priceless.

Security for exit points

Make sure only authorized people enter your commercial or residential spaces by securing every exit point with our security solutions. Gates, doors, windows pose a threat to security as these can be utilized by intruders to access the area. We provide high-quality locks and other reliable solutions for the exit points on your property. In a matter of a few hours or just a few days, we can secure each and every exit point at your home or office. Call us to discuss your requirement. Our estimates are free and our solutions bring desired results.

Security management solutions

Any commercial or residential property may seem safe, although in reality, it may not be so. Unknown to you, security vulnerabilities may exist on your property and these can be misused by those with malicious intentions. Call us and we will conduct a security audit of your property. Any existing security lapses or vulnerabilities are discovered. We customize our solutions and no security aspect is missed or overlooked. We are experts at implementing, managing and upgrading security measures.

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